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    Our bees are raised in fields of flowers that are grown using only sustainable practices. Our apiary is Certified Naturally Grown as well which means that we do not use  any antibiotics or chemicals in or around our hives.

Raw Wildflower Honey



   Made from toasted organic black and white sesame seeds, our shiitake muchrooms, Strong Arm Farm's sustainable seaweed, and a bit of sea salt. Great on, veggies and rice, eggs, soups, sushi, popcorn, tuna-salad sandwiches, and so on.  



   Smoked Sea-Salt and Shiitake


    Alder smoked sea salt and stiitake mushrooms. Perfect on meat, eggs, veggies and anything else that you'd like to add a bit of savory smoke to, coupled with the delicious and healthy benefits of our log-grown mushrooms.



   3 Porch Chai


    Having a bit of an obsession for a great cup of chai led us to creating our own perfect blend. We sell our organic loose leaf tea at every Saturday market as well as by the cup on cold Spring and Fall days. Trust me when I say it's delicious. Really, it's delicious!




All of the ingredients for these products are either grown by us or supplemented with certified organic ingredients.

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