This is for an order of 100 x Grade A, large, 'Mexican Single' Tuberose bulbs. Bulbs multiply quickly within one season so you can build up your stock easily.  Southern growers, it's not too late to plant. Northern growers, you may need to tunnel them or just grow them out for future bulbs. Takes about 3 months to flower from planting.
'Mexican Single' Tuberose
Spring blooms are bursting open early this year. The good news, flowers for your love or for yourself on Valentine's Day !
Valentine's Day Hand Tied Bouquet
2 packages (2.4 oz each) of our amazing Chai Tea Blend.   Our chai is comprised of organic black assam tea, organic cardamom, org cinnamon, organic coriander, organic nutmeg, organic black pepper corn, our Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) spearmint, and our CNG cinnamon basil.  Each Package comes with instructions on how to brew the best cup and makes up to 9 cups.  Great for the colder months.  Great for the holidays!  All of our production is done in facilities powered by solar energy!
Organic Chai Tea Blend, 2 bags
Each bottle contains 3.4 oz of the most amazing smokey seasoning you'll ever put on your food!  Alderwood smoked sea-salt, a touch of fine sea-salt, and our own shiitake mushrooms grown on sweet gum logs in our forest.  Sprinkle liberally on salmon for an easy "smoked salmon", dash on chicken, steak, turkey, veggie dishes, popcorn, or the most amazing deviled egg you've ever had.  Our mushrooms are Certified Naturally Grown and we use nothing but organic inputs on our whole farm.  All of our products are produced in facilities powered by solar energy.
Smoked Sea Salt and Shiitake Seasoning, 3 Bottles
Each pack is 3.5 oz of toasted organic black and white sesame seeds, sustainably harvested seaweed, our own shiitake mushrooms grown on Sweet Gum logs, and Sea-salt.  This savory and nutty blend of superfoods is not only incredibly healthy, but is amazing as a topping on eggs, salads (especially  raw kale salad!! yum yum), stir-fry's, quesadillas, soups, tuna-salad sandwiches and on and on.  All of our production is done in facilities powered by solar energy!
Gomasio (Gourmet Seasoning), 3 Pack